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Quality Living Center Co., Ltd.

Importer & Distributor of Finished Products

Quality Living Center Co., Ltd. is engaged in E-commerce business, importing surfskate longboard products such as Geele Rebirh EYS etc., mother and child products. steel shelf and other types of products from abroad to wholesale and retail in Thailand We have a systematic warehouse. order management system and delivery personnel every day therefore ensuring that customers will receive complete products within a short time


Rebirth Longboard
Rebirth Longboard, a popular longboard brand from China
RSK Skateboard
RSK Skateboard, a brand new skateboard from Rebirth, with the same quality as the famous brand.
Geele Surfskate
Geele Surfskate, good quality, many models, many patterns.
Sixty Six Surfskate
Sixty Six Surfskate, a favorite brand of many players.
Penny Skateboard
Penny Skateboard, imported from Australia, made of PP material, firm sheet, strong, smooth, colorful.
EYS Surfskate
EYS Surfskate, Unique pattern, good quality.
Paris Truck Co
Paris Truck Co, good performance, freestyle & Dancing, complete in one pair, smooth turning circle.
Luxe Lite Truck
Luxe Lite Truck, suitable for Dancing & Freestyle and Cruising, light weight, beautiful colors.
Caliber Truck
Caliber Truck, supports playing both Dance Trick Freestyle or Downhill.
Seanlee,pilates exercise equipment from Korea. Makes your exercise easier, not boring


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Versatile clothes hanger
Versatile clothes hanger


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