1. customer can contact the staff to change or return the product within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product.
  2. We only accept products with factory problems or damage from transportation. If the product is damaged from the use of the customer, we reserve the right to change the product.
  3. Please take photos or videos while unpacking the package. to be used as evidence to confirm the replacement or return of the product.
  4. If there’s no video or other evidence, we reserve the right to change or return the product in any case.
  5. Customers will receive a new product once the defective product has been delivered to the store.
  6. To claim the shipping cost, please send a picture of the shipping receipt to the staff. We’ll pay the actual shipping cost to the customer.
  7. Any additional questions, please contact the staff at [email protected] or 092-868-9000
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