Terms and conditions

Dealer evaluation conditions

  1. Dealer must have a storefront for product display and sales.
  2. Dealers must have an indoor stockroom to protect their products.
  3. Dealer must open the first order within 30 days after the registration has been completed.
  4. Dealer must have a minimum amount of 5 decks per month.
    4.1 At 5 Decks or Completed set receive 20% discount
  5. Dealer must have a restock within 60 days. If it’s overdue, Quality Living Center staff will follow up on the operation to boost sales.

Rules for organizing marketing activities

  1. The selling price of the product in the market will be determined by Quality Living Center Co., Ltd. only
  2. When the store wishes to do promotion in terms of price. Merchants must submit an issue for approval with Quality Living Center Co., Ltd. before proceeding.
  3. When the store wishes to do promotions, exchanges, giveaways, the store must informs and request permissions from the company at least 1 to 2 weeks before proceeding.


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