Gprinter GP1324D Performance

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  1. Ideal designed for shipping label, reliable and durable
  2. 203dpi print resolution
  3. Automatic paper detection function, no waste of first paper
  4. High-grade durable print head without ​jagged printing, uniform pressure stress, long service life
  5. Support barcode and QR code printing
  6. Fast and stable printing
  7.  Special print head for printing shipping label, more durable printing, longer service life
  8. Professional print head, designed for shipping label,  more durable printing, and longerservice life
  9. Meet the different requirements of the media width between 40-120mm, simple operation.
  10. Support max.120mm consumables width, 104mm effective print width
  11. Automatic paper detection function
  12. Tearing blade enable to tear paper quickly
  13. New sensor to prevent paper skipping
  14. Anti-sticky paper of print head to avoid paper jams
  15. Energy saving, no ribbon, no ink, thermal printing

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